Take Control: Don't Let the Past Define Your Future
Welcome to Episode #7! Let me just say this – you are in for a treat! This week’s episode is full of personal finance goodness and an incredible story from our special guest, Deanna. 

The underlying theme in this episode is: Take Control and Move Forward!

As you listen to Deanna’s powerful story, you will get a glimpse into a very dark period in her life. She shares her past to help others move forward. Her story is full of redemption and hope.

Furthermore, she teaches us that it’s ok to ask for help, to move forward and that it’s never too late to get your financial ducks in a row!

Special Guest | Deanna from MsFiology

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This week, Deanna from MsFiology stops by to share her powerful story and to wade through some fundamental personal finance topics. 

Deanna is in her 40s and recovered from an addiction to alcohol and drugs. She took control of her life and now shares her redemptive story through her blog and in a variety of other venues.

She became debt free in December of 2017 and credits her freedom from debt to a friend who introduced her to Dave Ramsey’s baby steps 1 & 2:

  1. Establish a $1,000 Emergency Fund 
  2. Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball method

She worked through the steps and was able to utilize the momentum from her debt snowball to crush over $46,000 in debt!

Today, she is aggressively working towards financial independence.

Side Note: During the episode, we talk about Deanna’s personal investment policy, which you can check out here!

I hope you enjoy Deanna’s story! 

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Randy’s Picks

Randy had a thing for the number 5 this week… Here are the two articles Randy dug up for us to discuss: 

**1. – Method to Your Money – 5 Bold Moves to Live Your Life as a Money Rockstar

A few notes from this article:

  • Matt says “As I take control of my money, it loses control over me” – I couldn’t agree more! 
  • (Bad) Debt has become far too common
  • Give your money a job through budgeting
  • Establish an Emergency Fund
  • Live life within your means!


**2. – Grow From Acorns – The 5 Most Important Numbers You Need to Know

Another great article here, and a great starting point for anyone looking to nail down some personal finance basics.

As promised, here are a couple useful links from our discussion: 


Everyday People Give Back

For this edition of the Everyday People Give Back segment, Deanna shared a story from her recovery. Listen to hear how she was able to do something she loves (biking) and give back at the same time! 

If you have a story to share, please send it to me at jason@thewealthhound.com OR leave a 90 second or less voicemail!


Tweet of the Week

It’s a double feature Tweet of the Week this week! I chose this tweet from Alyssa (@MixedUpMoney) (remember her from episode #1?), quoting Penny (@picksuppennies)!

Episode 7 Tweet of the Week

I see this far too often and I’d like to remind everyone that waste is relative. Something that is wasteful to me might not be wasteful to you, so don’t be quick to judge or shame others for their spending.

We each have our own unique financial goals, plan and priorities. I’ll never shame you for your spending, but I may make some suggestions on things to cut if you’re looking for areas to cut back 🙂

Thanks, to Alyssa from @MixedUpMoney and Penny from @picksuppennies for the tweet and congrats on adding to your internet fame with the great honor of this week’s tweet of the week!


Parting Shots

Thanks for joining us for episode #7! 

Here are a few things we learned from Deanna: 

  1. Honesty: Be honest with yourself when it comes your life and your finances
  2. Accountability: Find people to hold you accountable, and ask for help if you need it
  3. Take control: It’s never too late to get started!

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Thanks to Deanna for stopping by to share her story! If you enjoyed this episode, check out the other episodes!


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Take Control: Don’t Let the Past Define Your Future!
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