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The Wealth Hound is here to talk about personal finance, investing and everyday money tips. My goal is to explore a variety of topics and explain (in everyday language) how you can apply them to your life. 

While many of us experience similar financial situations, no two financial paths are the same. Let’s lay some options out on the table so you can get on the right track to achieving your financial goals. If nothing else, we’ll have a good time!

A little about me:

Aspiring entrepreneur, husband, dog-father to Randy the coonhound, and die-hard Michigan State fan.

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Why did I start a blog? 

My decision to start the blog stemmed from my two hour daily commute. After finishing my Master’s degree (Global Security and Intelligence Studies) in the fall of 2016, I suddenly found myself with a copious amount of free time and a desire to keep learning. 

I wanted to stay mentally engaged, so I did what any 28 year old would do and picked up some Spanish language lessons on CD. It was great, for about a week… 

Long story short, I started filling my time with personal finance research instead.

On my commute, I would listen to personal finance Podcasts and at night I would read. I couldn’t get enough and I’m still happily learning everyday. 

I’ve always had a knack for money and enjoy learning about ways to save/invest and ultimately increase wealth.

So far, The Wealth Hound has been a great adventure. I’ve enjoyed interacting with other personal finance experts and the great opportunity to share my passion with others. 

I still have a full-time job (U.S. Air Force), so I work on my blog whenever I have free time. Hope you enjoy, and get used to pictures of my co-founder, and inspiration behind the blog name, Randy!

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